About us


We are glad that you sacrificed your time to read a little about us.

Our passion for airsoft was born from the moment we discovered this sport in 2013.
From an early age we discovered that there are countless ways to play and manage to combine the team game, the adrenaline that it gives us, the one that pushes us to come over the weekend and recharge our batteries for the next week.
At the moment we will have the necessary stuff on the site, but in time (as soon as possible) we will expand. We offer warranty and technical assistance for all our products.
We constantly adapt to the requirements of the airsoft market and we are at the disposal of our clients to offer them the most useful information and advice.
If you do not find something on the site of what you would like, you can contact us and we will order from our supplier.
We try to treat every customer like our friend that we advise before they buy something new. At the same time, we try to answer any questions you may have.
We want to evolve every day and live up to your expectations. We also bring replicas and accessories for all pockets and we want to advise you to choose the one that fits perfectly for your style of play, whether you are a beginner or a veteran in airsoft.