Manusi tactice High-Dexterity - Coyote Brown

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Specialty0.5 High-Dexterity GlovesComfortableand very light gloves by the known all around the globe Mechanix Wear. High-Dexteritygloves are an excellent proposal for people that seek gloves providing the highestlevel of sensory experience. Gloves were made of 0.5 mm thick layer ofspecial, very durable AX-Suede™ material. The external layer of theglove, however, was made of proven TrekDry® material that possesses very goodventilation qualities.

They reduce the amount of accumulated warmth as wellas drain perspiration. They featurea comfortable hook and loop fastener, the seams run in such a ways so asto not hinder even extensive use. High-Dexterity,as well as other models of Mechanix gloves, are quite popular amongst members of various special forces units around the globe.            


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